Other Services

  • 1.To obtain "self-declaration registration certificate" and convey off-site record, annual review on clients' behalf.
  • 2.To register E-port IC card and provide software installation services on clients' behalf.
  • 3.To apply for Import & Export Deputy-free Certificate on equipments used for foreign investment on clients' behalf.
  • 4.To apply for Automatic Certificate on clients' behalf(including E-certificates, permits specific merchandises)
  • 5.To apply for on-line registration of enterprises' E-certificates on clients' behalf.
  • 6.To apply for Processing Trade CA Safety Certificate on clients' behalf and provide software installation services
  • 7.To apply for Old Equipment Approval Form on clients' behalf.
  • 8.To apply for Certificate for Pre-shipment Non-inspection that imported old equipment requires on clients' behalf.
  • 9.Agent for "Certificate for Avoidance of Mandatory Product Certification "
  • 10.Behalf of "Proof of Endangered Species"
  • 11.Agent for "Keep Paint on Record"
  • 12.Agents of foreign residence permit, passport and visa extension
  • 13.To provide application, change, addition, extension, deep processing carry-over and write-off business for the processing trade manual
  • 14.To provide import and export through port, transit, customs clearance and transportation business in Wusong, Waigaoqiao, Pudong Airport, Taicang Port, Taicang straight points, Suzhou Industrial Park and Suzhou Gaoxing Park and other import and export ports.
  • 15. To provide services of import and export customs clearance and transport operations for large mechanical equipment, frozen goods, dangerous goods in cargo and waste items.
  • 16.To provide domestic transport services along sea and Yangtze River and provide Door to Door Service
  • 17.We provide a separate import and export goods delivery services by truck transport and wealso accept entrusted declaration
  • 18.For containers-borrowing transport business
  • 19.For international and domestic express luggages and cargo air transport operations
  • 20.To provide consultations of customs policies, regulations and other measures of trade management
  • 21.The company also owns trading companies running the business of import and export business and agency
  • 22.To provide training for customs brokers
  • 23.To provide for sale the import and export declarations, customs declaration, inspection commission, inspection certificate, the HS code book Customs publishes

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