Bonded Logistics

  • Hongyang, located in the bonded logistics zone of Taicang, has its branch company registrated as Suzhou Hongjia Logistics Co., Ltd. We get the qualification as Bonded Logistics Center Corporation (Type B) upon the approval of the Customs. Meanwhile, we have the advantage of the warehouse which covers over 33000 sq.m. We can provide our clients with such services as bonded warehousing and convenient Customs clearance.
  • Functions of Bonded Logistics Center
  • A.Bonded common goods warehousing
  • B.International distribution
  • C.Common goods loading for sea freight container
  • D.Simple processing and value-added service
  • E.Inspection and testing
  • F.Import/export trade and entry port trade
  • G.Commodity exhibition
  • H,logistics information processing
  • I.Port function
  • J.Tax refunding              

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