Shipping Agency

Hongyang conducts shipping agency, bulk cargo freight agency and chartering. As the premier shipping agency in Jiangsu Province, we have been well-established alliance with major domestic and international shipping liners, enterpreises and traders backed by our professional staff team and good relationship with port parties.

Scope of Business
  • 1.Attending to formalities for vessel pilotage,entry and departure;
  • 2.Arranging cargo releasing/receiving,tallying,loading and discharging on behalf of shipping co;
  • 3.Providing bunkers,fresh water,provisions supply for vessel;
  • 4.Arranging crew replacement and repatriation,hospitalization,passengers and spare parts on board,etc.
  • 5.Handling claims.maritime addidents on behalf of entrusting parties and ship salvage,survey,repair and delivering/redelivering;
  • 6.Accepting cargo space booking,cargo delivery,freight settlement,signing and issuing bills of lading;
  • 7.Attending to procedures for shipment and transshipment of import/export cargoes;
  • 8.Customs clearance and quantity/quality survey for bulk cargo;
  • 9.Supervise for concentrating,evacuating,store and carry for bulk cargo;
  • 10,Handling loading/ and chartering for bulk cargo;
  • 11.Stowage and booking for scrap cargo;
  • 12.Arranging transportation for special cargo and equipment with various specifications;
  • 13.Other pertinent business.

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